Century Star A4 paper 75 gsm



Century brand has come up with an addition to the Star series. The brand has sourced an A4 size 75 GSM copier paper with the precision cut edges. The super fine quality paper can be printed in any device. The paper is just styled for the upcoming generation. The laser printing feature is measured at 1440 dpi. In total, a single ream contains 500 sheets. The product comes up with a high bright paper. The edges are cut in a way which is helpful to avoid any jams within any printing purpose. The product is extremely beneficial in the modern era. It is a helpful product for many industries, offices, and other organizations. The print-out usage is extremely popular in colleges and universities also. This makes the product extremely useful in such a changing era. Century brand has left no scope for others to take a competitive edge over the Star series copier paper.


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